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Australia AUD $25,156  Deposit =$1,410


Omeo Evolution 1

Country/Jurisdiction Omeo price in local currency Deposit required to confirm order.

United States & Canada USD $16,995 USD Deposit =$1,000 

Europe EUR $15,050 EUR $880 

United Kingdom GBP $13,100 GBP Deposit =$755 

Australia* AUD $25,156  AUD Deposit =$1,410 

New Zealand NZD $24,500 NZD Deposit =$1,450

*Australia only: Price includes Off-Road Kit

Please note:

The price is locked in on acceptance of the order, and receipt of the deposit for your Omeo.

We review prices regularly and will update this website with any changes.


  • User Manual and videos
  • Omeo Agent
  • Initial 3 hours training.


  • freight ex NZ – to Agent, or your preferred address
  • import tariffs* (if any)
  • customs handling and customs agent fees
  • local Sales tax GST or VAT (if any**)
  • marine insurance to your door (it is easier and cheaper for us to arrange).

Ongoing coaching (can be provided at an additional cost)

 A deposit  is payable on order (included in purchase price)

The Omeo is a hands-free personal mobility device that steers by leaning the upper body in the direction of travel (or can be controlled via hand-grip or joystick). 

Wider deep-tread tyres are available for off-road use. Good dynamic sitting balance and trunk control is required for use.

The Omeo body is constructed from high density polyethylene and is water resistant.

Security features:

The Omeo Evolution 1 can only be started with a remote control, and will switch off automatically if the operator "falls out". If anyone tries to move the Omeo without the remote controller, an alarm will sound.

Steering options include hands free (lean upper body to direct the Omeo), hand-grip or joystick. The joystick and other controls can be positioned on either side

Safety features:
The Omeo has built-in safety features that will shut it down; e.g. the Omeo will stop if it comes up against a high kerb or obstruction that it cannot climb over, reducing the risk of it tipping backwards.

Comfortable features:

The  seat is hi tech gel, however this can be removed and replaced with user's own pressure cushion.

The seat cover is vinyl and removable for washing.


This mobility device exceeds 10km/h in speed and as such, operation may not be allowed on footpaths. Check with the supplier and/or local state roads Authority to confirm procedures and rules for these mobility devices.

load capacity of a powered wheelchair may change according to the type of ground the wheelchair is used on. 

The supplier stated load capacity may have been given for a powered wheelchair that has been tested on flat ground. However, the powered wheelchair's load capacity, performance and stability may change when the powered wheelchair is used on an incline. These factors, including the maximum gradient on which a powered wheelchair should be safely used, should be discussed with the supplier.

Transport Accessibility
The space allowed on public transport for carrying mobility equipment is an area of 1300mm by 800mm.

Wheelchair spaces
All new buses feature special 'kneeling suspension' and a ramp to provide easy access for less mobile passengers.

There are spaces for two wheelchairs on the new buses. These will accommodate most manual and electric wheelchairs with maximum length 1250mm, maximum width 750mm, maximum turning circle 1500mm and maximum weight 200kg.

For safety reasons, passengers in wheelchairs are advised to face the back of the bus, bracing their wheelchair against the side of the space, applying the brakes and securing the seat belt of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair accessible buses display a blue and white wheelchair sign on the front of the bus, and on the easy access door.

Transport requirements

Occupied Wheelchair in a Car
A person sitting in a wheelchair within a car or van requires certification and RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) approval for the wheelchair and occupants restraint system where the wheelchair or occupant are restrained to the vehicle structure. 

RMS approval is not required for a postural support, such as a harness, that is only attached to the wheelchair and not to the vehicle.

Wheelchair Restraints
When transporting a person in a wheelchair in a car or van, both the occupant and the wheelchair require a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) approved restraint system. 

The wheelchair and the occupant need to be separately secured to the vehicle itself. 

RMS approval is not required for a postural support, such as a harness that supports the user in the wheelchair but is not part of the vehicle restraint system. 

The use of a headrest is not legally required but strongly recommended. Easily detachable, folding headrests which fit a wheelchair with standard push handles are available. Contact the supplier or refer to section Wheelchair, Scooter, Cushions, ramps / Postural Supports - Seating System: Restraint+Head+Back+Seat.


Whilst all care is taken to provide accurate information with respect to the item described, CCD is not involved in product design or manufacture, and therefore not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. 

Selection of equipment, which is both suitable and appropriate for individual needs remains the responsibility of the person(s) considering requisition, and no responsibility is taken by CCD Networking Pty Ltd for any loss or injury caused through use of the equipment or alleged to have arisen through reliance upon information provided. 

As information is subject to change any inquiries should be directed to the manufacturer.

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