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About the manual



This Manual contains guidelines for operation of the Omeo and is to be used in conjunction with the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) User Manual.

Omeo Technology have applied best practice in

writing this manual to make sure that it is correct for the device described. 

Discrepancies, errors and omissions, however, may be found from time to time. Should you encounter these any we’d welcome your feedback. Please contact Omeo Technology.

Omeo Technology maintains the right to make changes to the product line related to this product as required.

Users of the Omeo are expected to apply good judgment at all times. This User Manual is to be kept with the Omeo at all times including if ownership or custody is transferred.

Check the website regularly for Omeo user updates and the most up to date online copy of the manual at

Introduction to your Omeo


Using your Omeo

Your Omeo is a self-balancing multi-purpose personal mobility device with a patented Active Seat Control system designed for recreational and off-road use that can be used by almost anyone, almost anywhere.


The primary principles for use of the Omeo are:

• Be in control of speed, direction, braking and traction at all times

• Act responsibly and safely with regard to self and others, and environment

• Operate within all applicable laws, regulations, bylaws, standards and conventions for the locality and jurisdiction in which the Omeo is being used and within the guidelines of this manual.

Operating Limits

The Omeo is a dynamic device that is designed to perform safely, within limits. An increased risk of damage to the device, its components and injury to the rider and others may occur when the recommended limits are exceeded.

Weight Limit

The maximum weight limit of 110kg for rider and cargo (payload) is calculated to ensure reliability, safety, functionality and undue stress of components.

Exceeding the weight limit will void the Omeo Worldwide Limited Warranty.


Exceeding weight limits could compromise safety, reliability, functionality and durability especially when operated:

• At higher speed

• Inappropriately to conditions

• By aggressive and abrupt riding

• On irregular surfaces

• On incline/steep slope

• With uneven weight distribution.

Minimum Rider’s Weight

The minimum rider’s weight should not be less than 40 kg.

Cargo Weight

Add the weight of the cargo and the rider to determine the total weight to make sure you are operating within the weight limits.

Cargo carried on the front, back or sides of your Omeo will likely require a change in the position on the seat to re-establish the central or Neutral Balance point.


Exceeding cargo weights of 4.5 kg may interfere with your Omeo’s balancing ability and could lead to uncontrolled acceleration or steering, leading to injury or damage to you and/or your Omeo.

Transferring Weight

Effective performance of your Omeo requires weight transference over the central balance point. Weight transference generates forward and back drive and stopping and slowing down by the

same actions in opposite directions. For example, transferring weight to the right will cause your Omeo to move to the right and transferring weight to the rear will cause your Omeo to slow down and stop then go backwards.

Maximising Range

The range of your Omeo is affected by many variables, such as off-road use, climbing hills, operating continuously at high speed.

Maximum range distances are provided in the Segway PT User Manual.

Safety Alerts

Your Omeo has a range of alerts that will activate when some limits are being exceeded. You must learn to recognise and manage these alerts and develop your riding style accordingly. For example, the seat will tilt backwards when approaching maximum speed. 

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