The Omeo is nothing short of revolutionary


With around 1.5% or 13.5 million people in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, UK and Scandinavia using wheelchairs, and with the ageing population growing at an appreciable rate, the Omeo is game changing technology that has the potential to bring about life changing experiences for millions of people around the world.

Owning an Omeo increases one's quality of life, in allowing you= to get out and about independently, providing happiness, and reducing the frustration of your mobility limitations, etc.


When pattern maker and inventor Kevin Halsall saw how his friend Marcus struggled with sports, he was motivated to act. Marcus is paraplegic, restricted to a wheelchair but free to use his upper body for outdoor pursuits like archery, hunting and fishing. The only problem: wheelchairs don’t travel so well across beaches and bush.Kevin got inventing and over four years developed the Omeo, a multi-award winning personal mobility device. 

The electric-powered Omeo provides freedom and independence by making previously inaccessible places available to millions of wheelchair users. Whilst the Omeo is neither a medical device or health product, there is little doubt the Omeo has greatest appeal to wheelchair users who proclaim physical, mental and spiritual benefits. “We don’t feel like we are in a wheelchair and we don’t feel disabled” is very powerful evidence that is a pioneering mobility device. So exactly how does it work? 


CCD Disability will assist transporting your mobility scooter in for servicing for people with a variety of mobility related difficulties.

The Omeo levels the playing field in so many ways! The Active Seat Control (ASC) combined with the best of self-balancing technology means you can intuitively govern the direction, speed and braking through body movements – even completely hands-free! In essence. 

The Omeo gives you body language in a social setting and moving within a crowd becomes very easy and comfortable.

Users have told us that the Omeo seems very intuitive and interactive. This is the ‘magic mind-body movement’ at work – they direct their eyes and the Omeo seems to instinctively follow. Just like walking! 

the seat


The most defining feature of the Omeo is the patented Active Seat Control system.

The Active Seat Control (ASC) system is a unique control interface from person to machine in which you control the direction, speed and braking through body movements. You are not only getting a physical workout when using the ASC, but your mind is constantly being engaged with the need to control and be aware of your body in space. Just like what happens when you are walking!The intuitiveness of the Omeo’s ASC gives you body language – improving the quality of conversations and it also makes moving within a crowd easy. Add the agility, precise movement and accuracy of the Omeo and it often feels like you have lateral movement.The combination of the seat pan, seat positions, backrest and cushions makes for the ultimate support, comfort and control. Feedback from leading seating specialists say “they wouldn’t change a thing”.

  • The curved seat pan captures the legs – providing support for control
  • Adjustable positioning and height at 4 screw point in the Seat Pan
  • Great results from pressure mapping tests
  • The overall design is supportive and comfortable for a wide range of body types
  • Core features of sitting a wide range of people upright
  • Self-levelling in the act of breaking, going down hills and through dips – so you never feel as if you are going to fall out the front
  • Get a great core workout – whatever muscles you have are being used with the freedom of movement

Cushion and cover

  • Cushion filling is hi-tech foam and is removable/replaceable
  • Vinyl seat cover which is removable and easy to wash
  • An accessory option of a rubberised breathable compound cover. This compound does not get so hot but is more apt to ‘stick’.

Engage your Body


What is actually happening is that the Omeo is engaging both the body and mind and your core weight is intuitively shifting in the direction that you want to go, turn and stay in balance. Providing a great low impact workout for any core muscles you have!

When riding the Omeo your head and your eyes are up scanning the direction you are wanting to go. 

No longer needing to look at the ground for obstacles, you become more aware and able to experience and engage with your surroundings. 

Many have said this ‘really improves their self-esteem, confidence and ultimately provides a greater sense of well-being.’

Grab life by the wheels


The current model comes with a thumb-controlled joystick, which can lock out the lean-to-move control at the flip of a switch. Omeo is also working with  therapists to develop controls for a wider range of disabilities including people with stroke, amputations, and quadriplegics. In addition to different controllers, there will also be seating and positioning options. We see this as an opportunity for people with a wide variety of mobility related disabilities.

Generate your own excitement


To control your Omeo, you lean in the direction you want to go — forward, right, left, and lean back to stop and go in reverse. The lean-to-control is intuitive and also very advantageous. Leaning side to side carves slalom-like turns. The Omeo has an impressive, projected top speed of 20km/h, and a range of 40km.  Omeo Canberra will train, mentor, and assist until you are confident enough to take care of yourself.

Have fun with confidence


I strive in helping our clients to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence.  It is important to us that our customers are happy, competent and responsible Omeo users. This is why we go through an intensive training program before and at delivery. This, in turn, allows new users to integrate the Omeo, seamlessly and intuitively into their lifestyles, have a great Omeo experience and share their joy and enthusiasm for life with others. 

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