Active Seat Control

The only personal mobility device that fully integrates a unique Active Seat Control system with the very best of self-balancing tecWith its intuitive hands-free control system for freedom, movement and independence, the Omeo pushes the boundaries in recreation and personal transportation. It is your ultimate multi-purpose mobility device with many features that appeal to all sectors of the community. 

The Omeo levels the playing field in so many ways! The Active Seat Control (ASC) combined with the

Riding an Omeo is a very new experience, there is nothing quite like it.

As a certain amount of ability and control is needed to operate it safely, we strongly advise that you try an Omeo before ordering one.

We have a dedicated team of Omeo Agents that are able to set you up with a trial and take you through the reservation process. Once your new Omeo arrives, your Agent will also help with setup and provide you with essential training so you can become a confident and competent user – at no extra cost.


“Thank you SO MUCH for letting me play yesterday! I went home and cried and laughed and raved about it to my family for hours. It’s everything I’d hoped it would be and even more. It was lovely to meet Kevin, Marcus and all the team and I can’t wait to get into my own Omeo (purple of course) so that I can get back to living my life to the fullest.”

Mairi Prisk

Omeo Trialist


“Riding this most incredible mobility innovation is a natural process that puts you in touch with all of the walking skills you know and love. In fact, I feel in balance and at harmony with life.”

Larry Hollenbeck

Omeo Trialist

About Us

CCD DISABILITY was founded in 2018 with its head office located in Fyshwick Canberra ACT, and our goal is to provide the very best service with the most experienced technicians and the most recent technology available.  We are also a manufacturer and distributor of an extensive range of networking products and premier provider of business and communications solutions nationwide.

When riding the Omeo your head and your eyes are up scanning the direction you are wanting to go. No longer needing to look at the ground for obstacles, you become more aware and able to experience and engage with your surroundings. Many have said this ‘really improves their self-esteem, confidence and ultimately provides a greater sense of well-being.’

The Active Seat Control (ASC) combined with the best of self-balancing technology means you can intuitively govern the direction, speed and braking through body movements – even completely hands-free!  In essence, the Omeo gives you body language in a social setting and moving within a crowd becomes very easy and comfortable.

Is the Omeo right for you?


The Omeo Evolution is a dynamic and capable device that can be used by a wide range of people of all abilities.  Learning to ride and master the Omeo is a progressive skill. For some, it will take only an hour or two, for others perhaps somewhat longer. 

Like anything it just takes time and application and depends very much on your ability and confidence. For some, perhaps the Omeo is not suitable.

Ultimately you will find riding the Omeo will become very intuitive and exciting, where boundaries will be redefined and new levels of freedom and independence discovered. We want you to use and enjoy the Omeo to its fullest and to a be safe and happy user. 

A good understanding of the Omeo’s capabilities, a Pre-Trial Assessment and trial are to ensure the Omeo is right for you, followed by appropriate training which is essential to becoming a competent, safe and responsible user.

That is why it is important that you discuss your circumstances and needs with your nearest Omeo Agent.

Key Requirements for being able to ride the Omeo are to:

  • have the cognition, core and/or arm strength and stamina to maintain control at all times
  • be able to recover balance using either core muscles or arms
  • have the ability to progressively self-learn new skills
  • fit within the weight restrictions between 40kg and 110kg.
  • to act responsibly and safely, with respect to others and with regard to the laws and rules of your jurisdiction/area.

Omeo cost =$24,595 AUD and Deposit =$1,410 AUD

  • Please check the latest exchange rate for the Australian US Dollar 

lf our customers have questions, we have the answers, so everybody benefits.

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